How has the weather got you feeling? The weather and the time of year are proven to be huge factors of our motivation, attitude and overall happiness. We often associate cold weather and Winter with feeling low and demotivated, then warm weather we associate with feeling upbeat and productive. Now that summer has arrived and schools have finished for the summer holidays, many people are out having fun and enjoying the weather.

However, not everyone will be enjoying the heat as much as others, especially the weather we had last week. High temperatures have a huge impact on productivity in the workplace, as one study shows that productivity drops by as much as 4% per degree when temperatures rise above 27 degrees Celsius in workplaces requiring manual labour.

So, how do you prevent the productivity levels in your business from dropping without dangerously overworking your employees? The key is to work efficiently by not working harder but smarter. Read our top 3 tips for working smarter in the heat.

Set reminders to drink a glass of water every hour

The human brain is composed of 95% water, our lungs are made up of 90% water, our blood is 83% water, 76% of our muscles are constructed with water and finally, our bones consist of 22% water. From these figures, we can see that our bodies heavily rely on a sufficient supply of water making it a very important substance of our survival. So, when encountering abnormally high temperatures in the workplace, ensure you are staying hydrated at work by keeping above the daily recommended intake of water, 1.2 litres a day.

Recognise the symptoms of dehydration

Don’t ignore your dry mouth as it is one of the first signs of dehydration, that your body will use, to warn you that you are becoming increasingly dehydrated. Failing that, if you reach a more serious level of dehydration, symptoms will include: heart palpitations, weakness, dizziness and nausea. Recognising these symptoms and acting on them, by drinking plenty of water, could save you from a lot more, potentially life-threatening, harm.

Prioritise your work

If some of your work involves being outdoors then it would be best to schedule that work for completion at a time of the week and day where the temperatures are lowest, leaving your indoor work for completion at a time of higher temperature. This will minimise your exposure to the sun and heat, allowing you to work more efficiently throughout the day.

Prioritising tasks is made quick and easy with our resource scheduling software, allowing you to plan your days around skills, matching and location optimisation.

Here at Clockwork, our goal is to optimise business performance; increasing efficiency is what we specialise in and we have done exactly that for various businesses with our end to end solutions. We provide a suite of software that covers resource scheduling, facility and service management, and customer relationship management accompanied by a variety of mobile applications used by engineers and operatives out on the road which links back to the office software. For many clients, we have created bespoke solutions, tailored to meet all of their specific business needs by working together to target the pain points of their business, providing increased efficiency and impressive return on investment.

If you feel that the software we provide could be useful in your business, by increasing productivity while reducing the everyday manual processes, get in touch and call us on 03300 577170 to have a discussion and find out whether we can provide the solution to your pain points.


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