Everyone has heard the phrase ‘work life balance’ but it can be difficult to attain when there are so many pressures on our everyday working lives.

While there will always be another meeting to attend, or another deadline to keep, there won’t always be another first step, or another first day at school. Even regular fixtures, like sports days, plays, and concerts are, ultimately, in short supply.

So, the question is how do we balance it?

At Clockwork, we have used a few techniques to really make a difference to our lives. We hope they can help you to attain the same kind of work life balance.

Be there
There are very few things a child can say to its parents that mean more than ‘you were always there’. Just switch your phone off and be in the moment – they will remember it.

Allocate time
Make time for family dinners, bath time, and parents’ evenings. From the moment you get home from work until the moment your children go to bed, that is family time. Your work, phone and social media can wait until your children are safely tucked up in bed.

Life events
There will be times in your life when work is so busy that you can’t be there for every little thing at home. During these times, just make sure you never miss key events. Your family will remember that you made the effort to be there when it really mattered.

Alleviate stress
We are always looking for the latest stress relief techniques. For us we have the best stress reliever right in front our noses, our loved ones. With just one hug, kiss, or a simple ‘I love you’ any bad day can be put into perspective.

Never take them for granted
Your family will always be there to support you so ensure that you are there for them.

Create a plan
Add key dates to your diary and stick to them. You would never miss an important business meeting, and you shouldn’t miss an important family event.

You are not alone in going through these work life balance stresses. At least some of your employees or co-workers are probably facing the same challenges. Nobody ever said ‘I wish I had spent more time at work’ on their death bed. This is true of everyone.

Here at Clockwork IT we pride ourselves on family values. If you are looking for a faceless corporate organisation then Clockwork isn’t for you. We are real people providing real solutions. If that sounds like the kind of company you wish to work with, then we invite you to join our family.



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