Over the past few weeks, the British have been glued to their TV sets (apart from the lucky few who made it to Russia in person) watching a hair-raising drama unfold. The World Cup was full of surprises – from Mexico’s shock victory over Germany to Belgium’s victory over Brazil. Also, to Britain’s great delight, England performed fantastically, making it to the semi-finals.

Now, of course, we know football didn’t quite “make it home”, but with football-fever continuing to ride high, the beautiful game offers an interesting way to think about your business.

Football teams and businesses are both strategic collaborations. The team has a “goal” to reach, and it relies on each player maintaining their position and doing their job to the best of their ability. Meanwhile, the CEO occupies Mr. Southgate’s position: that of Manager.

A Manager has to look at the way the team is working together to draft up strategies by which it can outperform the competition and achieve its goals. Meanwhile, each member of the team focuses on their own performance.

The most experienced employees – the “old guard” if you will – are the goalkeepers. Inevitably, something will eventually slip through the defenders – a speculative shot from out of nowhere – and the goalie’s practiced reflexes have to be relied on to save the day.

Meanwhile, new and younger employees tend to perform like flair wingers and attacking midfielders. They bring fresh perspectives to the team, moments of brilliance, and new ideas.

Strikers work in sales: they’re the people who get the results. They hit the target and score the goal. But they can’t do it alone, of course. Holding everything together is the operations team. They’re the holding midfielders: they can see the bigger picture, they’re keeping calm and distributing “the ball” to all departments as and when possession is required.

So where does Clockwork fit in? We’re your defenders: we’re well structured, we manage all the attacks (or, as you might know them “customer support calls”), and we pass back to the goalie whenever it’s to the team’s advantage.

The World Cup might be over, but the season starts next month, and Euro 2020 is just around the corner. After a great performance that only just fell short, Southgate will stay on as Manager and look to deliver the goods by 2022.

If you’re any less enthusiastic about your team’s performance than he is about England’s, then you need to reevaluate the way you think about business.


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