The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into full force this May. There is no doubt that these will offer consumers new levels of security when it comes to privacy, monitoring, security and the right to be forgotten.

It’s good for businesses too, which will finally have a clear cut set of guidelines that align their interests with those of their customers. However, for many businesses, the learning curve will be a steep one!

GDPR will be taking effect in the wake of a massive privacy furor that is playing out in the media right now over Cambridge Analytica, the controversial (and, it turns out, flat-out criminal) political consulting firm which used fraudulently obtained Facebook data in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

As a result of this news story, Facebook’s data practices are coming back into the limelight, and a conversation about how much data companies should be allowed to hold about their customers is playing out in the public. That is probably good news for the EU, which will see public opinion firmly aligned with the stated goals of GDPR before its implementation.

All of Clockwork’s customers can be assured that the company has been GDPR compliant for a very long time. We don’t keep your data, and working with us doesn’t open you up to any informational weaknesses. Perhaps more importantly, any software we implement for you will also be GDPR compliant.

While other Companies might struggle to ensure their systems are fit to play by the EU’s new rules, we can guarantee yours’ will be.


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