Clockwork employee Declan Tiff has recently been promoted to a new role as a permanent Helpdesk team leader.

This is a brilliant success for Declan, who started with Clockwork as an apprentice in 2015. After 18 months in that role, his strong performance saw him offered a permanent role in software support. Now, we’re proud to have him in a leadership role.

Declan originally came to us from Baltic Training, and it is no lie to say that he totally changed the way we viewed apprenticeship schemes. His intelligence and willingness to work hard has been apparent from the very beginning of his time with us, and a real boon to the company.

Clockwork Director Andy Milner explained as much to Baltic, saying of apprenticeships:

“I used to think it was mainly manual, low skilled work, that was my impression of it, rightly or wrongly. I’m completely sold on the idea of apprenticeships now. To get somebody like Declan, who has an inherent intelligence and a willingness to apply himself to the problems at hand has been brilliant.”

Clockwork is committed to recognising and rewarding excellence whenever we encounter it – so Declan should be as proud of his latest promotion as we are of him!


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