Luke Hoult is a rising star in English badminton. He’s just completed an impressive season, winning County and National titles, finishing in the Country’s top 10 and is a triple county champion.

Badminton is a sport on the rise in England. The most recent Taking Part Survey (which measures participation in sports across the country amongst young people) makes this quite clear: while overall sports participation dropped in 2015, the number of 11 to 15 year olds playing badminton increased.

Today, 23.5% of the country’s young people play the sport.

Luke’s talent is prodigious, and we have no doubt he’s heading for bigger and better things. Sponsoring him makes perfect sense: his work on the court is exemplary of the same focus on efficiency that we bring to our clients’ businesses. And, like us, he’s still got plenty of room to grow his success even further!

Clockwork director Steve Adams says: “we are looking forward to seeing him represent England at junior level next season. We have no doubt he will continue to make himself, us, and the country, proud.”


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