Luke Hoult is a rising star in English badminton. He’s just completed an impressive season, winning County and National titles, finishing in the Country’s top 10 and is a triple county champion.

Badminton is a sport on the rise in England. The most recent Taking Part Survey (which measures participation in sports across the country amongst young people) makes this quite clear: while overall sports participation dropped in 2015, the number of 11 to 15 year olds playing badminton increased.

Today, 23.5% of the country’s young people play the sport.

Luke’s talent is prodigious, and we have no doubt he’s heading for bigger and better things. Sponsoring him makes perfect sense: his work on the court is exemplary of the same focus on efficiency that we bring to our clients’ businesses. And, like us, he’s still got plenty of room to grow his success even further!

Clockwork director Steve Adams says: “we are looking forward to seeing him represent England at junior level next season. We have no doubt he will continue to make himself, us, and the country, proud.”


Nurture Landscapes is a national contractor founded ten years ago to provide “landscape maintenance for the corporate and private sector” which distinguishes itself by offering “best in class customer service delivered by permanent staff who invest time to understand our clients’ business” and “champion care for the environment”.

The Company has grown through a number of acquisitions, and in 2016, added Truegrit Ltd. With this purchase, the Company added a nationwide gritting service to its books – but what was the best way to integrate and manage this business? Through Clockwork’s industry-leading software solution!

In partnership with Nurture we created a bespoke piece of software that connects to the Met Office data and relays their daily winter forecasts directly into Nurture’s software system. It then automatically schedules staff to get out and start gritting. Using their handheld devices, gritting staff can easily see their schedule for the night/day and capture vital information whilst on site. This includes photos and the provision of a standard risk assessment process.

Nurture are rightly proud of the system, and describe it on their website: “Information management is critical and staff are equipped with tablets featuring the latest Ice Master software that tracks and reports on each gritting visit then reports directly back to the office in real time. All information is live and accessible by our customers through the Ice Master web portal and mobile app.”


PJ Care is an award-winning provider of specialist neurological care and neuro rehabilitation for people with progressive or acquired neurological conditions. As such, it has an obligation to patients, families, charities and the NHS to deliver a quality service that runs as efficiently as possible.

In needing to operate “multidisciplinary care” for its residents, PJ Care recognised that there was no “off the shelf” product that met their needs. After meeting Clockwork, they quickly realised that, together, they could create the necessary solution to enable their staff to concentrate more on the patient care than worrying about administrative tasks.

The software system that Clockwork installed follows each of the homes’ residents from admission to discharge following industry standard assessment processes. New patients are assessed in person, by a highly trained member of staff, and the software records all the details. It then monitors and adjusts each individual’s care plan going forward.

The system also deals with all other aspects of the patient’s care namely; dietary requirements, exercises for rehabilitation, visit scheduling, transportation requirements for hospital visits, and much more. Crucially, it meets the high accreditation standards of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), giving it the ultimate seal of approval.

Feedback from PJ Care states that the best thing about the software system is not what it does, but that it simply allows the care staff to spend more time with their patients. Having placed all the necessary care forms on their handheld devices, one of the key reasons for the success of the system is that staff spend less time behind the desk, and are able to spend more time and provide better care for their residents. Ultimately, this person-to-person contact is the most valuable effect that the system could possibly deliver.


The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into full force this May. There is no doubt that these will offer consumers new levels of security when it comes to privacy, monitoring, security and the right to be forgotten.

It’s good for businesses too, which will finally have a clear cut set of guidelines that align their interests with those of their customers. However, for many businesses, the learning curve will be a steep one!

GDPR will be taking effect in the wake of a massive privacy furor that is playing out in the media right now over Cambridge Analytica, the controversial (and, it turns out, flat-out criminal) political consulting firm which used fraudulently obtained Facebook data in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

As a result of this news story, Facebook’s data practices are coming back into the limelight, and a conversation about how much data companies should be allowed to hold about their customers is playing out in the public. That is probably good news for the EU, which will see public opinion firmly aligned with the stated goals of GDPR before its implementation.

All of Clockwork’s customers can be assured that the company has been GDPR compliant for a very long time. We don’t keep your data, and working with us doesn’t open you up to any informational weaknesses. Perhaps more importantly, any software we implement for you will also be GDPR compliant.

While other Companies might struggle to ensure their systems are fit to play by the EU’s new rules, we can guarantee yours’ will be.


Clockwork employee Declan Tiff has recently been promoted to a new role as a permanent Helpdesk team leader.

This is a brilliant success for Declan, who started with Clockwork as an apprentice in 2015. After 18 months in that role, his strong performance saw him offered a permanent role in software support. Now, we’re proud to have him in a leadership role.

Declan originally came to us from Baltic Training, and it is no lie to say that he totally changed the way we viewed apprenticeship schemes. His intelligence and willingness to work hard has been apparent from the very beginning of his time with us, and a real boon to the company.

Clockwork Director Andy Milner explained as much to Baltic, saying of apprenticeships:

“I used to think it was mainly manual, low skilled work, that was my impression of it, rightly or wrongly. I’m completely sold on the idea of apprenticeships now. To get somebody like Declan, who has an inherent intelligence and a willingness to apply himself to the problems at hand has been brilliant.”

Clockwork is committed to recognising and rewarding excellence whenever we encounter it – so Declan should be as proud of his latest promotion as we are of him!


No one could accuse the team at Clockwork of not working hard enough, or not delivering work to the highest standards. As a result, we like to regularly treat our staff to nights out on the company – the most recent of which was earlier this month at “an outstanding pub in Warwick,” The Saxon Mill.

Clockwork’s Technical Director Chris Aspley said: “the team has pulled out some fantastic wins over the past six months, demonstrating the values and abilities that have let Clockwork rise to the top in a very competitive field. Whilst we expect our guys to work hard and deliver a cutting edge service for our clients, we do like to take them out and let them play hard as well!”

As always, the team’s evening started off as a fairly reserved affair, full of laughter, camaraderie whilst enjoying the quality food. Later, of course, the beers flowed rather more freely!

Clockwork Director Andy Milner added: “after an incredibly successful, but nonetheless challenging, few months, it was great to see the team let their hair down. One of the things we really pride ourselves on is, in addition to recognising the guys’ achievements in the workplace, we also can do this by buying them dinner!

The Company’s founder Steve Adams said: “It’s vital that the team gets frequent opportunities to unwind and enjoy themselves. We pride ourselves on a fantastic work ethic and an unparalleled level of expertise, but having fun is every bit as much a part of our DNA. Like two sides of a coin, you can’t have one without the other. I’m proud that our people achieve the kind of success that means we can go out and celebrate it regularly!”


Sustainability is becoming a hot topic in business for good reason: the realities of climate change are now undeniable, sustainable businesses are also often more cost-effective businesses, and the public is becoming more aware of our shared moral responsibilities.

Our powerful organisational software can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint by cutting out unnecessary travel, which also lets your staff members make the most of their time.

A recent survey by Concur demonstrates that small businesses spend 24% more than big businesses on expenses including travel. One way to cut this down is simply to achieve a better level of scheduling and organisation in your business, leading to less wastage of time, effort, and resources.

Becoming more sustainable will not only help you to conserve the things that really matter, it may also have a knock-on effect with your customers. As early as 2014, global information company Nielsen reported that 55% of consumers across 60 countries said they were willing to pay more for products and services that are offered by environmentally friendly Companies.

The most important reason to aim for more sustainability, though, goes beyond business. As the world becomes hotter every day, and our crops and water sources are imperiled, we all have a duty to the people that come after us to protect the planet in any way that we can.


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